Item# E40_B8703-15_H
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Product Description

  • Hit the streets with the 1/10th scale Exotic Racing Series Toyota Supra R/C car.
  • This suped-up Supra features a .15 cubic inch engine with a billet aluminum heat sink head for extra cooling and easier engine tune-ability.
  • To handle the extreme power, this car is equipped with heavy duty parts as standard equipment.
  • The four wheel drive system is fitted with a shaft drive and differential with built-in front and rear bevel gears.
  • High grip, high traction radial tires put the power to the ground, and they re nearly 40% lighter than the standard tires for quicker acceleration.
  • Also installed on the car right from the factory is a 2-Speed Transmission with high and low speed gear ratios.
  • The disc brake system provides extreme stopping power and consistent braking performance.
  • The double wishbone suspension arms with adjustable width provide improved handling and performance all around the car.
  • Usually optional on other cars, this kit comes standard with threaded, oil filled shocks.
  • From the heavy duty aluminum racing chassis design to the stiff suspension arms, this car is designed to be driven hard and survive the challenge.
  • Features:
    • Top Speed: 55-65 MPH
    • Differential with built-in front and rear bevel gears
    • 2-speed gear system
    • Handy-pull start engine
    • No-Flex Chassis Design For Better Performance
    • Aluminum Upper Plate and Chassis(2mm)
    • 4 Oil-Filled Threaded Shock Absorbers
    • Independent 4 Wheel Suspension
    • Disc Brake System
    • High Traction Radial Tires
    • Assembled Chassis w/Radio
    • Pre-cut Foam Bumper
  • Specifications:
    • 1/10th Scale
    • Length: 380 mm
    • Width: 200 mm
    • Wheelbase: 260 mm
    • Tread (F/R): 192 mm
    • Tire Size (F/R): 66.27 mm
    • Gear Ratio: (H)5.78:1 (L)8.24:1
    • Weight: 1600g
    • Engine: 15CXP - .15 Engine

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90days