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Product Description

The Xantrex PowerPack 200 Plus Powered by a rechargeable battery and provides up to 200 watts of AC power on the go.  In plain English, this is a back-up power supply.  Basically you charge it, and then if you want to go to the beach and get power to your laptop or other electronic device you can plug it into the Power Pack.

It can jump start 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines and can operate a wide range of DC products (DC is the cigarette lighter plug in your car). Ideal for power emergencies in any vehicle on the road, the XPower Powerpack 200 Plus comes with a built-in emergency light and jumper cables. 

The Powerpack200 Plus has a single AC electric outlet to run items like small TV's, boomboxes, hand-held video games, laptops, lamps, and charging your cell phone, iPod, etc.. For convenience and safety, the product has a built-in light. The light is efficient and lasts a long time without hurting the battery life.  With a run time of more than 15 hours, the light is useful during an extended power outage, a weekend camping trip, or when jump-starting a car at night.

The other cool thing is that this has built-in jumpstart cables.  We recommend you buy one of these and keep it in your trunk at all times.  If your battery in your car dies, you will be able to start it right up! 

You can recharge the PowerPack from your cigarette lighter plug in your car or even in your house from a standard wall outlet.  This also has a safety feature that will prevent damage to your battery if you mix up the positive and negative terminals when trying to jumpstart your car.


  • Runs 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere on the go
  • Built-in 200 watt inverter
  • Built in 250 PSI air compressor to inflate your tires
  • Sealed, non-spillable 12 amp-hour AGM battery
  • Reverse polarity detector for safely jumpstarting your vehicle
  • Jumper clips designed for easy storage on the unit
  • Built-in light provides illumination in emergency situations at home and on the road
  • Barragraph LED indicator for monitoring the Powerpack's battery charge level
  • Audible alarm signals unit overheat and battery under voltage condition
  • Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer inverter life
  • Recharge at home or from a vehicle
  • Protective covers for the AC and DC power outlets


  • AC Charger - recharge XPower Powerpack 200 Plus from a standard wall outlet
  • DC Charging Cable - recharge XPower Powerpack 200 Plus from your vehicle

Some Possible Applications:

For Emergency Situations:

  • Jump-starts vehicles
  • Power or Charge your cell phone or other important electronic device
  • Built in emergency light
  • Fill up your tire with air

Entertainment Uses

  • Take to the beach to power your electronics
  • Take on road trips to power electronic devices in your car
  • Powers camcorders, video games, stereos, Small TVs
  • Runs fans, computers, laptops, portable stereos, and clock radios
Condition: re-newed