2 SAFE GUARD Cell Phone Radiation Shield & Antenna Booster

2 SAFE GUARD Cell Phone Radiation Shield & Antenna Booster
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Product Description

Almost all types of electronic devices create electro-magnetic waves. For TV, computer, video games, etc. we can sit at a far distance away from them. Cell phone produce a lot of electro- magnetic waves too, but you must use them closely, so how will you protect yourself from harmful electro magnetic waves which enter into your body through the ear and affect your brain, eyes, ears? SAFE GUARD! This inexpensive and easy to install universal SAFE GUARD Ear Filter is the perfect solution to blocking the electro-magnetic waves generated by your cell phone. Safe Guard blocks up to 97% of the near field radiation from entering the soft tissue of the ear, without affecting the quality of the transmission.

* Fits all phone styles * Attaches in seconds * Soft/comfort cushion * Will not affect reception

Installation Instructions: Turn off your phone. Place the adhesive side of the wave scrambler on the ear piece of your mobile phone.

You get 2 pcs of Safe Guard and 2 pcs of Cell Phone signal booster (Item # CELLANTENNA