3-D Crystal Laser Etched Twin Towers & Liberty

3-D Crystal Laser Etched Twin Towers & Liberty
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Product Description

It is highly polished and masterfully etched with precision laser engraving 'floating' inside the crystal. The 3D effect inside its translucent block makes it a stunning desk accessory.

This 3-dimensional image within the solid crystal is created using a scientific laser driven by a very sophisticated computer software program. A laser beam penetrates the crystal, not damaging the surface but creating miniature dots within. Tens of thousands of these dots form an unique 3D design. Beams of light are refracted in thousands of directions creating a dramatic presentation. When viewed from any angle, the design appears much as a sculpture.

Each piece comes in a keepsake box with flannelette laid inside This is a great gift item. Unit weight: 16 oz. Measures 3"(tall) X 1.875"(wide) X 1.875"(thick).
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