Eve Lom Cleanser 200ml 6.8oz New Sealed

 Eve Lom Cleanser 200ml 6.8oz New Sealed
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Product Description

Size: 6.8 fl oz

Cleansing is the most important part of skincare and the Eve Lom Cleanser once described by Vogue as the "best cleanser in the world" is the basis of the Eve Lom skincare regime.
The Eve Lom Cleanser 200ml is your standard economical product, ideal for every day use.

What does it do?

With a powerful blend of Egyptian chamomile, hops, clove and eucalyptus oil, together with cocoa butter the Eve Lom Cleanser cleanses, tones, exfoliates all in one. Even the most stubborn make-up and eye make-up will be removed.

The specially woven muslin cloth (100% cotton) is used with the Cleanser to improve skin circulation while cleansing and exfoliating the skin in minutes.
The result is clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.
Suitable for all skin types.


Cleanses, tones and exfoliates all in one, bringing perfect balance to the skin. The muslin cloth enclosed with the product is used to remove all traces of Cleanser and gently exfoliate designated areas.

How To Use:

- Once a day, at night, for normal/dry skin types
Twice a day, morning and night, for oily/very oily skin types
- Massage a small amount onto the face and neck over grime and make-up from the day. At this stage the cleanser will remove all forms of make-up from the skin.
- Fill a basin with hot water and immerse the muslin cloth. Squeeze off excess water and gently press the cloth onto the face and neck for a few seconds. The heat will soften the skin and open the pores, allowing the aromatic oils to cleanse the skin of impurities. For the optimum cleanse, repeat this stage three times.
- Fold the hot, rinsed cloth into a square and work it in small, circular movements across the face and neck to remove all traces of Cleanser.
- The muslin will gently exfoliate the skin surface and encourage blood circulation, leaving the skin feeling exceptionally smooth.