80 KV Stun Gun, Alarm, Flashlight 8 Inches

80 KV Stun Gun, Alarm, Flashlight 8 Inches
Item# GA_FLSMb

Product Description

Item #: FLSM (FL-SM). This handy little flashlight is also a 130 db alarm and a 80,000 volt stun baton. 8 inches long. Holster included. The body is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Uses one 9-volt alkaline battery (not included.)

FEATURES: Illumination: Adjustable beam focus, 6.3V 3W strong light lamp. Electric Shock: 80KV sufficient high voltage for over-powering attacker. Alarm: 130dB alarm signal for driving away attacker, signal for rescue. Holster included.

OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS: ON/ALARM/OFF button. To operate, turn the safety switch to ON. To activate lighting, push the power button forward; push the same button backward will activate the electric shock.

Effect *1: A short blast of 1/4 second duration will startle an attacket, cause minor muscle contractions and have a repelling effect. A moderate length blast of 1 to 4 seconds can cause an attacker to fall to the ground and result in some mental confusion. It may make an assailant unwilling to continue an attack, but he will be able to get up almost immediately. A full charge of 5 seconds can immobilize an attacker, cause disorientation, loss of balance, falling to the ground and leave them weak and dazed for several minutes afterward.

Effect *2: Touching an assailant for less than 1 second will cause minor muscle contractions and have a repelling effect. Touching an assailant for 1 to 2 seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. Touching an assailant for 3 to 5 seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control, total mental confusion, and disorientation. Effect *3: 80% rate of incapacitating an attacker. A short discharge of less than 1 second duration will generally cause an assailant to fall to the ground, and cause some mental confusion. The attacker probably be unwilling to continue the attack, but will be able to get up almost immediately. A discharge of from 1 to 3 seconds can immobilize an assailant, cause him or her to be disoriented, loss balance, and fall to the ground. It will leave the attacker weak and dazed for up to 10 to 13 minutes. A discharge of longer than 3 seconds is normally not required. This blast will completely incapacitate the attacker. The attacker will be immobilized, dizzy, and confused for 15 minutes or more.

Effect *4: almost 100% rate of incapacitating an attacker. Works even through bullet-proof vests.


A stun gun is a hand held, electrical self defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Simply touching an attacker with a stun gun for three to five seconds (or even less) will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes and there is no permanent harm. Both medical and scientific communities have determined that stun guns are completely safe because they cause no permanent damage to the attacker. On discharges of 1 second or longer on an attacker, serious injury may occur to the attacker from hitting the ground if he/she is not help down. Stun guns are designed to be effective even through up to two inches of typical clothing. Stun gun will have an effect anywhere on the body, but the effect is maximized on the upper shoulders, upper hips and below rib cage. You do not have to be concerned about the effects of the charge being transferred to you. Even if the assailant holds you while being stunned, you will not feel the effects of the charge. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you order a stun gun, please make sure they are legal where you live. You as the buyer of a stun device assumes full responsibility to determine if you are in compliance with local or state laws regarding the purchase, use or possession of a stun device. By placing an order the Buyer represents that he/she is of legal age and that the products will be used only in a lawful manner. We will not ship stun guns to the following states: HAWAII, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, RHODE ISLAND, WISCONSIN. We will not ship stun guns to the following cities: ANNAPOLIS, MD., BALTIMORE, MD., BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD., CHICAGO, IL. DENSION, IA / CRAWFORD COUNTY, WASHINGTON DC, PHILADELPHIA, PA.