9V Emergency Charger for Sony Clie T

9V Emergency Charger for Sony Clie T
Item# B00027T5D4

Product Description

  • Instantly recharge your Clie with an easily accessible 9V alkaline battery, anytime, anywhere when no other power source is available. The Emergency Power Charger is compact and lightweight, making it ideal while traveling, camping or in any emergency situation.
  • No need to carry heavy, bulky AC adapter. Excellent for travel!
  • Never worry about running out of battery power on the road
  • Compatible with all NR, TG, SJ, SL, NZ, NX series Sony Clie including PEG-NZ90 / PEG-NX80V / PEG-NX73V / PEG-NX70V / PEG-NX60 / PEG-NR70V / PEG-NR70 / PEG-TG50 / PEG-TJ35 / PEG-TJ27 / PEG-TJ37 / PEG-TH55 / PEG-T665 / PEG-T665C / PEG-T615 / PEG-T615C / PEG-T415 / PEG-SJ33 / PEG-SJ30 / PEG-SJ22 / PEG-SJ20 / PEG-SL10 and more...
  • Uses 9V alkaline battery (not included) to run the emergency charger
  • LED indicator
  • Bring it along with you on your vacation.