AeroGrow AeroGarden

AeroGrow AeroGarden
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Who cares about the weather. This revolutionary indoor home gardening system lets you cultivate delicious herbs, greens, vegetables and flowers inside your kitchen - with no green thumb necessary. Using Aeroponic Technology, plant roots grow into the air instead of soil. Inside the 100 humid, rainforest growing chamber, roots are bathed with organic-based nutrients and oxygen for fast, healthy growth. The energy efficient Built-In Plant Lighting System means you can grow plants anywhere, any time of year. Drop in the pre-seeded Plug n Grow Bio-Dome Seed System pods and watch your plants grow to maturity in just weeks. The Computerized Smart Garden Technology alerts you when to feed and water while the microprocessor adjusts light cycles and nutrient and water delivery. Includes AeroGarden unit, one Gourmet Herb seed packet and two Grow Bulbs. Additional seed packets and bulbs sold separately. Measures 12 2/10 in W x 20 1/10 in L x 11 3/5 in H. Model : 2101-00B. B000FI4O90_vh