Air Pressure Change Activated Portable Alarm

Air Pressure Change Activated Portable Alarm
Item# KEEP-ii

Product Description

It monitors smallest changes in air pressure created by opening or closing a door or window.

A smart product that recognizes the smallest changes in air pressure created by opening or closing a door or window within a closed space of up to 1,000 square feet. This product is a portable alarm which enables you to be safe and aware in any place you find yourself staying. A must have safety item for people who travel for business and families on vacation. Take some high tech personal awareness on the road with you with the Keep-I. Keep yourself and your family one step ahead of potential dangers.

This device monitors air pressure. If any change occurs, such as a criminal opening a door or window, the alarm sounds. When the device is set to fine recognition mode, a simple touch on your door handle will trigger the 95 decibal alarm. Within the space protected by the Keep-I, you can move about freely, your kids can play and your pets can run around. This alarm allows you to live your life while still protecting yourself and those you love, giving this high tech system great practical advantages over infra-red and motion detecting alternatives.

The Keep-I has three alarm modes including a silent mode for privacy and also user selectable sensitivity settings. It can be adjusted to meet your specific security needs in wide array of circumstances and situations. The most refined volumetric alarm on the market, unlike other alarms currently available, it is small enough to be portable, so much so that it can also be utilized as a personal alarm. When set in a silent mode, the LED will blink to indicate any opening or closing doors or windows in your protected area. The Keep-I automatically resets itself after it is triggered.

Can also be used as a portable personal alarm and travel alarm.

FEATURES: Air pressure sensor. Siren/LED switch. Power on/off.. Emergency Siren security alarm (instant siren to alart in case of emergency.) Low battery warning. Sensitivity control available depending on the environment. Carring strap included.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1.5 oz, measures 2 3/4" X 1 3/4" X 1", 2 AAA batteries (not included). .

APPLICATIONS: Home, Business, Travel, Apartment.

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