AKG Q350 In Ear Headphones

AKG Q350 In Ear Headphones
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Product Description

Big Sound at a quality the few headphones can stand up to-no matter the size. Like the music legend whos name they bear , the Q350's are incredible performers.They deliver high accuracy sound with outstanding dynamics and bass response. Perfect for those on the go and featuring a "one of a kind" lookthat's so lightweight, you'll forget that you're wearing some of the best in-ear headphones available. Plus the Q350 is the perfect partner for use with smart phones allowing you to make and receive calls as well as control several music playback functions of the Iphone with it's in line remote control.

  • It is ultra lightweight.
  • High Accuracy Sound with outstanding Dynamics and Bass response, Ultra Lightweight, Carrying Case, Cable Winder, Iphone Compatible, in-line microhpone and remote control for Iphone.
  • I-Phone Compatible, in-Line Microphone and Remote Control
  • Carrying Case, Silicon Sleeves (3 Sizes),Cable Winder,


  • Condition: Re-newed