AM FM Radio / Flashlight /Lantern / Siren & Blinker - Dynamo Rechargeable

AM FM Radio / Flashlight /Lantern / Siren & Blinker - Dynamo Rechargeable
Item# GA_FSH240i
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Product Description

With the Dynamo Radio Flashlight you will never have to worry about dead batteries during a power outage. With a few turns of the foldaway crank you will always have power. It performs three separate functions and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The flashlight will allow you to see clearly outdoors at night or during a power outage. In an emergency, the siren and flashing red LED lights can be used to summon help. The AM/FM radio with built-in speaker and telescopic antenna provides great reception for listening to your favorite music or to official broadcasts during an emergency. Because you can turn the hand crank to power it, batteries are not required. However, if you prefer to use regular batteries it can also be powered with two AA batteries (not included).

FEATURES: Crank generator, 2 AA rechargeable Ni-CAD batteries included. Always ready for any emergency use. AM/FM, Latern, Siren and flash with LED. You can listen the radio, use the flashlight, and recharge the batteries at the same time. Carring handle, telescoping antenna. DC jack available.

SPECIFICATIONS: 12 oz, 7" long x 2.5" in diameter.. By turning the dynamo for 1 minute, you can operate the radio for about 8-10 minutes at normal volume level.

APPLICATIONS: Home Emergency, Camping, Travelling, Hunting