Andru Android Robot USB Cell Phone Travel Charger

Andru Android Robot USB Cell Phone Travel Charger
Item# B006U2NNBU_H
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Product Description

  Andru is a USB phone charger that takes the mundane task of charging a cell phone and enhances it with fun and innovative styling. Andru's shape is based on the familiar Android robot and is given a soft touch exterior with flexible antennas and movable arms.  He also comes with a stand that allows him to stand on your desk & keep you company while not in use.  Andru has a standard USB port and comes with a 4-Feet. data cable that contains a micro-USB connector to charge any Android phone or any other device with a micro-USB port (i.e digital cameras or Bluetooth headsets).  When charging, his eyes light up BLUE and when the charge is complete, his eye color reverts to WHITE.  He is, by far, the CUTEST charger on the market!

Technical Details

Color: Green
  • High quality soft-touch finish with moveable arms and flexible antennae
  • Light up eyes (Blue when charging, White when on standby)
  • Raised dot plus design allows connection to phone without having to look at it
  • Matching 4 foot, micro-USB cable for charging or data transfer
  • Innovative Click-on Stand allows for display mode

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90day
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