AQ2000 Swimming Pool Ozonator

AQ2000 Swimming Pool Ozonator
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Product Description

The AQ2000 is designed for use in large swimming pools up to 50,000 gallons. The ozone output is 2000 mg/hour produced through corona discharge. With such a high output, the pump can run on shorter cycles. With the use of our Venturi (FREE with purchase), which was specifically designed for ozone injection into water, you can be sure your system is getting the maximum amount of ozone. Save hundreds of dollars on the cost of chemicals! Using our swimming pool ozonators, you can reduce chemical cost by 80-90% depending upon pool usage. Never use chlorine again! This is the most cost effective ozone generator on the market (dollar per gram of ozone)! (size: 11.0 inches x 9.5 inches x 6 inches; weight: 8.5 lbs.)

Venturi Design to ensure maximum transfer of ozone int the water. Electrical Voltage options 110V Power 80w Short circuit protection. Flooded dielectric protection Flow required = 530 ft3/h minimum.

Cooling Air cooled Gas Feed gas requirements, 12 LPM Air, Pressure 1 bar abs. Dielectric Class 6 Quart 2 Year guarantee on dielectric.

Output 2000 mg from air, tested using humid air with 60% moisture. Dependent on the correct venturi and air flow being maintained. Remember to follow recommended protocols for treatment of pools. Construction Stainless steel enclosure. All wetted parts, ozone resistant.