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Who says dinosaurs are extinct? Now you can raise "Triops Sauncauditus" (Aquasaurs) in your own bedroom. Your kids will be excited. They'll be raising all sorts of ruckus when they open the cool aquarium with erupting underwater volcano model, and super cool Trilobites (Aquasaur cousins) as the backdrop. You help them with the details. . . finding a stable surface with moderate temperature, sticking the adhesive thermometer to the tank, spreading the gravel floor, pouring in water and putting the eggs in! Within one or two days, the tiny Aquasaur babies have hatched and are doing laps around the tank. With flat heads, three eyes, skeletons on the outside of their bodies, sharp lateral fins, and forked tails, they are the epicenter of a child's world. Your kids flourish as dinosaur parents. They get the Aquasaurs to move toward them by shining flashlights, they swell with pride as their Aquasaurs grow visibly every day, and praise their accomplishments every time they shed another exoskeleton. Aquasaur Facts: Aquasaurs are relatives of Trilobites Aquasaurs can be found on every continent except Antarctica The Aquasaur egg has a thick shell that is resistant to heat, frost and dryness. The baby Aquasaur is called a nauplis (Naw-plee-us) An Aquasaur's skeleton is outside of its body, not inside like a mammal's. An Aquasaur grows it sheds its skeleton many times. Aquasaurs breathe through their feet. Aquasaurs have 35 to 70 pairs of legs for swimming and bringing food to their mouths. As Aquasaurs grow the larger ones can eat the smaller ones. Aquasaurs may grow up to 2 inches in length. Aquasaurs typically live for around 90 days. (You can send off for more eggs with the enclosed order form.) Eeatures: Prehistoric Scene to hatch and raise Aquasaurs 50 Aquasaurs Eggs About half of the eggs will hatch. You can send off for more eggs if desired with the enclosed order form. Magnifier cap Thermometer Aquasaurs Food-A special blend of nutrients Aquasaurs may also eat Goldfish food, tiny pieces of carrot, raw fish, freeze dried worms & brine shrimp-see instructions. Gravel Includes scientific background on Aquasaurs Complete instruction manual Made in the USA Ages 6+
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