BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced

 BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced
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Product Description

The Charcoal SunRise Clock is derived from medical research on light and human behavior. In the early morning, the biological clock is sensitive to low intensity light. So, waking to a slowly increasing light can result in a smoother, more natural transition to wakefulness. It features an audible back-up alarm, the ability to set dawn and dusk cycles of 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes, fade to nightlight, adjustable display brightness and more. Comes with hand made opal glass globe.
  • Gradual sunrise wakes you up gently and naturally
  • Gradual sunset gives your body the signal to wind down, helping you to fall asleep sleep
  • Optional backup beeper and power failure backup for reassurance
  • Dimmable bedside lamp for reading or soft lighting
  • Intelligent LCD display fades to very low level when you want to sleep
  • Condition: Re-newed
  • 90 days warranty