Baby Alive Baby All Gone - Blonde

 Baby Alive Baby All Gone - Blonde
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Product Description

With BABY ALIVE dolls, you can have fun caring for your doll just like a real baby! This BABY ALL GONE doll is so much fun to pretend to feed. Her strawberry yogurt disappears when you place the filled-up spoon in her mouth. Then her milk disappears when you tip her bottle up to give her a drink. Pretend to feed this talking baby doll again and again!

  • She?s also got lots to ?say? about her meal, like ?Bananas are yummy ? and ?Where did it go??
  • You?ll know she?s had her ?fill? and ready to play some more because your baby doll will even tell you ?Thank you?
  • And, since there?s no mess to clean up, you can cuddle and play with your little one right away
  • Adorable doll makes her ?bananas? disappear when you ?feed? her and ?talks? about how much she?s enjoying her meal
  • Baby Alive doll comes with outfit and ?magic bananas?, spoon, bowl and sippy cup accessories
  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90day
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