RoadMaster Wireless Backup color camera complete system

RoadMaster Wireless Backup color camera complete system
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Product Description

RoadMaster Wireless Backup color camera complete system
4 Button Wireless Backup Camera
� Complete with all accessories. Nothing else to buy.
� Wide Angle Viewing
� Monitor Mounts on Dash or Visor
� For Use with 12 Volt DC Electrical Systems
� Great for Cars, SUVs, and Delivery Vehicles!
� Helps Avoid Accidents & Injuries!

Customer Comments: It is a system that you can install in your car, and it will allow you to look at a screen and see what is directly behind your car. The article in the magazine shows a toy truck on the ground about a yard behind the car, and you can clearly see it (and everything else behind the car) in the viewscreen. It looks like a pretty sweet system.

I went to their website to check out the details of the installation procedure. The system takes power from the backup lights. So, the camera and the screen only come on when you shift into reverse. And the camera is wireless. So, other than tapping into the backup lights for power, you don't have to run any other cables through the interior of your car.

It seems like it's pretty well thought-out, too. They designed it be mounted on the border of your license plate, using the same bolts that hold the license plate onto the car. So, you don't have to go randomly drilling holes everywhere. Anyway, that looks like a great idea.

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