Big Jammer Door Brace - Adjustable Locking Mechanism Prevents Entry!

Big Jammer Door Brace - Adjustable Locking Mechanism Prevents Entry!
Item# GA_80115

Product Description

  • Big Jammer is a strong 20 gauge steel adjustable door brace that installs easily under door knob and provides added security for home or hotel, dormitory. Adjusts to fit most hinged doors. End caps can be removed to allow for use on sliding glass doors as well. Clean, baked enamel finish makes it attractive for in-house use. Free safety tips. Mace brand.

  • Works on hinged doors (2 figures:)
    1. Make sure both rubber end-pieces fit snugly on the metal tube.
    2. Select the desired length by rotating metal tube until locking clip pops through the desired hole.
    3. Place the rubber yoke under doorknob and with one foot, push bottom of brace toward the door to secure it in place.
  • Works on sliding doors (2 figures:)
    1. Remove both rubber end-pieces
    2. Adjust the brace to proper setting to fit in the track of the door. Select the setting that gives you a close fit, while allowing enough slack to remove quickly.

    2 lbs.
    1 inch in diameter, 31 inches long, and can be extended to 48 inches.
    90 days limited warranty by MSI (Mace Security International, Inc..)

    Home, business.