Blongo Ball Complete Game Set

Blongo Ball Complete Game Set
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Get outside and have a blast with the BlongoBall Game Set! This lawn game is easy to learn and has recently been popping up in campsites, tailgate parties, and backyards everywhere. BlongoBall is played by 2 players or teams, and you simply attempt to toss the BlongoBalls onto the BlonGoals. Each rung of the BlonGoal ladder is worth a different number of points. You continue play until you reach 21. But be careful! Your BlongoBalls can be knocked off the ladder by other players forcing you to lose points. The BlongoBall Set features 2 BlonGoals, 2 sets of BlongoBalls, and an easy to carry box for maximum portability. So, join the craze and see what BlongoBall is all about!

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