BONGER Massage Tool Pair - Assorted colors

BONGER Massage Tool Pair - Assorted colors
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Bongers is a unique massage tool. Bongers helps relieve stress and tension - and their fun! HOW DO BONGERS WORK? BACK PAIN: The scientific name for BONGERS percussion-like massage is tapoteement. We perfer to explain it as the same principle as tenderizing meat. Most back pains are caused by over worked muscles which contract suddenly (spasm), turning hard and knotty. This constricts the blood vessels that bring oxygen to the muscles and carry waste from them. Muscle cells start dying. You feel pain. that pain is your body crying HELP! BONG ME! HEADACHES: Nine out of ten headaches are caused by tight neck muscles. BONG the neck gently on both sides of the spine for 30 to 60 seconds and watch headaches disappear! CELLULITE: Doctors say there's no such thing. Ask any woman over 30 and she'll tell you different! Both right, actually; that cottage cheese effect comes simply from clogged capillaries that don't let blood circulate through them any more. As a local circulation agent, BONGERS work even better than exercise (through they're certainly no substitute). They act like hydraulic pressurizers, forcing the blood back through. FOR FUN: BONG your friends and lovers; BONG yourself. After work or a workout, BONG the bottoms of your feet, your pectorals, your leg muscles, wherever it's sore. It's fun to close your eyes, put on some music and BONG your head watch the picture's flow!

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