BACtrack S75 Breathalyzer

BACtrack S75 Breathalyzer
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Product Description

The new 2010 BACtrack S75 Pro breathalyzer is a stunning mix of accuracy, affordability, and style. The S75 has been designed to reduce unnecessary size and weight, while maintaining all the accuracy benefits of a fullsized Fuel Cell based breathalyzer, which is the technology police use. The generous use of sleek, rounded edges allows the product to effortlessly fit into the palm of your hand. This eliminates the potential for drops, and also makes it easier to press the Start and Mode buttons during testing. The BACtrack S75 Pro also uses a new designed front facing mouthpiece. The frontfacing mouthpiece has been designed to make selftesting incredibly easy.

There is no reason rotate, twist, or turn the product after the initial countdown. Instead, a user can watch the screen and simply move the product forward towards the mouth when the countdown reaches zero. This helps eliminate flow errors - where a user does not blow quickly enough after the countdown. And because the BACtrack S75 Pro is priced aggressively and has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance, this professional technology is now directly available for both consumer and professional use.


  • Replaceable, hygienic mouthpiece provides a safe and sanitary method for testing multiple users.
  • Mouthpieces are individually wrapped for safe storage prior to first use. Six are included with the S75 Pro Kit.
  • Easy to use - simply insert mouthpiece and begin testing immediately. 
  • B Crisp 4 digit LCD display provides easy, accurate results. Test results displayed in extended accuracy format: 0.015, 0.081, 0.223 %BAC, etc.
  • Uses Policegrade Xtend™ Fuel Cell Sensor technology for consistently accurate results from 0.000  0.400 %BAC
  • EasyView™ alert notices provide maintenance and test alerts to users. 
  • C Generous use of sleek, rounded edges on the back side allows the product to effortlessly fit into the palm of one's hand. 
  • D Xtend™ Fuel Cell Sensor Technology - provides enhanced linear accuracy from 0.000 - 0.400 and extended battery life


  • Dimensions 2.3 x 4.8 x 1 inches (5.8 x 12.2 x 2.5 cm)  
  • Weight 4.4 oz (125 grams) with mouthpiece and batteries
  • Sensor Technology Xtend™ electro-chemical fuel-cell technology 
  • Detection Range 0.000 - 0.400 %BAC 
  • Mouthpieces 6 included 
  • Test Count Displays total number of tests performed 
  • Power Supply Two AA alkaline batteries, included  
    Battery Life Approximately 1500 times 
  • Warm Up Time 10-20 seconds, depending on last use 
  • Response Time 10 seconds 
  • Sensor Accuracy +/- 0.005 at 0.1% B.A.C.
  • Operating Temperature 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)

Made in Korea

  • Condition: Re-newed.