Breyer Classics Horse Cruiser

Breyer Classics Horse Cruiser
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Product Description

Includes: 2 horse stalls with planked floors with storage for supplies underneath the floor, Tailgate that drops down to a loading plank, Roof that opens for additional access to the trailer area and a fold-out awning for shade, Troughs that snap in for feeding and hooks that fit on the window ledges for hanging tack and other equipment, A side bin that contains 8 pieces of fencing for a corral,Two front seats with seat belts that snap closed for safety, swivel in two directions and have storage pouches, A steering wheel that slides from left to right for international trips and a 3 position license plate, Visors to block the sun, pull-down steps and adjustable side mirrors, A rear seat that slides forward and forms a bed, cup holders and a table that opens, Roof doubles as an observation deck complete with television screen and an extra fold out table, with a roof compartment that stores a ladder and deck chairs.