Child Guardian

Item# childguard

Product Description

Ensure your childís safety and your peace of mind with our innovative child alarm and locating system. Our Child Guardian alarm consists of a 105 db personal alarm for a child and a remote control for his/her parent or guardian. If threatened, lost, or scared, the child can activate the alarm which will alert the parent and draw the attention of by-standers. If the child wanders out of sight, the parent can immediately locate him by using the remote control to activate the alarm on the child. Once the alarm is activated it may only be deactivated by the parentís remote ensuring that the alarm will sound until the child is safe. Operates at a range up to 200 feet both indoors (malls, grocery stores, etc.) and outdoors (play grounds, parks, beaches, etc.). Transmitter operates on one 12-volt battery (included). Receiver requires one 9-volt battery. Includes a fanny pack, receiver, and transmitter.