Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker

Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker
Item# TG_10158750

Product Description

• Melt away your cares and indulge in a delicious chocolate treat with this chocolate melter

• Melts chocolate without water

• Includes melting pot, dipping spoon, dipping fork, 10 small dipping forks, 10 lollipop sticks, spatula, drain rack, recipes and 5 reusable molds

• Great for all kinds of chocolate to satisfy any craving

• Makes a wonderful and tasty party pleaser

This will keep the kids from fleeing the table the second they’re done with dinner. Gather the whole family around for scrumptious chocolate treats that you can easily make yourselves. This complete set is a delicious assortment of everything you need including melting pot, dipping utensils, lollipop sticks, spatula and fun reusable molds in shapes like bunny, heart and shell. Recipes are included and it works for all kinds of chocolate.