Coway Humidifier MHS-E5010

 Coway Humidifier MHS-E5010
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Product Description

Coway MHS-E5010 has 4-step safe humidification system. Coway is one of the leading manufacturers of environment related electronic products in the world. 1st step: The ion exchange resin and iodine filter are used to keep water clean to generate harmless mist. 2nd step: The silver- nano coated air filter brings clean air into the water. 3rd step: The sterilized humidification (167F) prevents from growth of bacteria. 4th step: The detachable silver-nano antibacterial try helps easy cleaning of the unit. The Coway humidifiers include the technology to generate micro size of mist molecule to prevent from getting wet around the area. The size of mist as 6.77㎛is much smaller than industrial average of 11㎛ The many features are developed to meet user’s needs. AI mode: It is programmable system that automatically checks and controls humidity level in the area. Sleep mode: When the unit is in sleep mode, it operates quietly, and brightness of LCD light is softer. Timer: it is digital display with timer up to 8hours. Child care mode: The humidity is maintained in 50~60% for children. Health mode: The mode maintains appropriate humidity to prevent a cold and dryness of skin. Sterilized humidification mode: The water is sterilized in 167F to prevent from growth of bacteria. Water empty indicator: it shows emptiness of water in the tank. Top filling structure: The water tank can be filled from the top. To increase customer’s satisfaction, Coway applied new materials, silicon and stainless to two different parts that most frequently makes a problem during humidifier use. Coway’s trademarked silicon oscillator cap is harmless and semi-permanent to use. The stainless heater pipe installed the unit protects corrosion of metal. The improvement helps a lot to keep product lifetime longer. MHS-E5010 is working up to 12hour at one filling of the water tank.

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