BRATZ Movie Headset Boom Microphone

BRATZ Movie Headset Boom Microphone
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Product Description

Features & Specifications
This headset-style boom microphone is guaranteed to bring out your inner rock star, BRATZ-style. Just connect it to your MP3 player, then turn the module on and put on the microphone headset. The transmitter sends music from your MP3 player and your voice from the microphone to any FM radio tuned to 100.1, so you can really hear yourself singing on the radio.
BRATZ Movie Headset Boom Microphone:
  • Transmitter
  • Elastic band keeps the MP3 player in place
  • Transmit module clips to your pants
  • Hear yourself and your favorite tunes on the radio
  • Independent volume controls for music and voice
  • Dance and sing to your music without wires