Dell Latitude DVD Drive PN:18THT-A00

Dell Latitude DVD Drive PN:18THT-A00
Item# 18THT-A00
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Product Description

  • Condition: Like new
  • Compatible part numbers: 18tht, W1861.

  • DVD drive Compatible with Dell Latitude This will also read CD-ROMs. Fits most popular Dells: Latitude C series, CP, CPI, CPID, CPIR, CPT, CPTC, CPTV, CPXH, CPXJ, C600, C610, C640, C800, C810, Inspiron 2500, 3700, 3800, 4000, 8000 and 8200. The speeds are: 24X CD and 8X DVD

  • Condition: Re-newed