Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

 Drosselmeyer Nutcracker
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Named for the town in Tchaikovsky's famous Christmas ballet The Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer takes one of the first known domestic challenges, and turns nutcracking into a simple, easy task for anyone, regardless of strength and dexterity. This award winning design is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. It's a quick, clean and easy way to crack nuts. Drosselmeyer is the first handheld nutcracker to have a double lever action and a container to collect the shells. There is no spraying of nuts and shells; any size nut can be accommodated, and the entire assembly detaches easily for cleaning and simple maintenance. Hailed by Oprah to be, "The world's coolest-looking nutcracker is also the easiest - no stress, no mess." Drosselmeyer sets the standard in nutcracker design and function. Available in three stylish colors; made in Sweden.

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