Early Warning EW3005 Car Radar Laser Detector

Early Warning EW3005 Car Radar Laser Detector
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Product Description


  • Get up to speed with the latest in affordable hi-tech auto technology with the Early Warning EW-3005 Radar/Laser
  • Detector with Safety Alert.

  • The EW-3005 features instant on or pulse radar detection which detects the brief transmission of K and Ka band signals.

  • The safety alert warning system detection alerts you to the presence of road hazards, emergency vehicles, railroad crossings and more.

  • This unit is undetectable by VG-2 and the SPECTRE RDD feature provides complete protection against SPECTRE I radar guns.

  • A digital beeping alert provides a distinctive sound for each band and indicates its intensity through increased or decreased frequencies.

  • A high resolution color LED screen displays visual alerts with 11 different varieties, plus a 3-step signal strength meter.

  • City/Highway mode allows you to adjust sensitivity and minimize false alerts.

  • The EW-3005 detects lasers from any direction with the 360 degree laser eye.

  • A tutorial mode demonstrates 3 radars and 4 laser signal detections.

  • Features:

    Detection of all current radar and laser guns

    360� laser detection

    Instant on or pulsed radar detection

    Undetectable by VG-2 and Spectre / VG-2 alert

    Safety alert system

    Rotary Volume control with power on/off

    3 step signal strength meter

    Digital signal processing (DSP)

    Anti falsing circuitry

    City/Highway mode selection

    Auto mute mode

    3 step display brightness selection

    Tutorial mode selection

    Radar detector unit measures approx. 1-1/4' x 2-3/4' x 3-1/2'

    Coiled power cord measures approx. 22'

    Bracket with suction cups

    User's manual

  • Condition: Re-newed