Playskool Weebles Playground with One Weeble

 Playskool Weebles Playground with One Weeble
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Product Description

Playskool Weebles Rock 'N Wobble Playground Playset

Watch your child laugh, play and learn with this Rock 'N Wobble Playground playset for Weebles figures. They don't fall down, but Weebles characters do almost everything else on their playground: spin, wobble, swing and slide. Encourage your child to press the lever to send a Weebles figure across the wobbling bridge or to activate the spinner on the slide to make figures wobble as they go. Your child's fine motor skills and imagination will develop along with the adventures he or she creates for the Weebles. The playset comes with 1 Weebles figure.

  • Age: 12 months and up
  • Condition: Re-newed