Elmo Knows Your Name

Elmo Knows Your Name
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Product Description

A personalized, interactive and fun-loving friend, this plush Elmo dool features over 100 games, phrases and stories. He knows your child's birth date and name and can also be programmed to know favorite colors, animals, drink and foods. TG_WM000716400

  • 12-inch cuddly plush character incorporates your child's name and favorite things into its friendly character phrases and songs
  • Features over 100 games, phrases and stories
  • Can be taught to know birth dates, names, favorite colors, favorite foods and more
  • Comes with a USB cable as well as a CD-ROM for downloading information into the doll
  • Also features an internal clock so phrases change depending on time (morning, noon and night)
  • Sings several songs and tells stories that incorporate your personalized information
  • See Elmo's speech and play change throughout the day
  • Easy to program