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Product Description

2 person, 3 day supply of food, water and essential emergency preparedness supplies packaged in a durable nylon backpack. Ideal for any location or situation. Small enough to be stored anywhere or kept with you at all times. Since you may be traveling in your car when a disaster strikes, you may have to get out and walk to a safe and familiar location (which may be dozens of miles away). An easy to carry survival kit can save your life. Designed and constructed by emergency preparedness experts, these kits are ideal for car, home or office and contain the items necessary to deal with any aspect of disaster prepraredness.

Kit Contents
(2) ER Food Bars - 3 day supply for 2 people, 5 Year Shelf-life.
(6) Water Boxes w/ Straws - 3 day supply for 2 people, 5 Year Shelf-life.
(2) Thermal Blankets - Designed by NASA to retain body heat!
(2) Ponchos with Hoods - Don't be caught out in the rain without shelter.
(1) Tube Tent - Comes with rope and instructions.
(1) Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Light, Radio, & Cell Phone Charger.
(10) Water Purification Tablets - To purify unsanitary water.
(2) Lightsticks - 12 hours of bright green light at the snap of a finger!
(1) Lightsticks - 30 minute high intensity lightsticks - just snap to glow!
(1) 52-piece First Aid Kit - Comprehensive first aid kit in plastic case.
(2) Tissue Packs - Help maintain sanitary conditions.
(1) Safety Whistle - Blow loud for immediate rescue attention!
(2) Dust Masks - Prevents dust and germ inhalation.
(1) Pair Vinyl Gloves (in 1st aid kit) - Protects hands from infection.
(1) Pair Work Gloves - Heavy duty with leather palm.
(1) Multi-function Swiss Army Knife - 5 function folding knife.
(2) Out-of-state Contact Cards - Keep track of loved ones wth these!
(1) Survival Guide - Complete guide to surviving any disaster!
Packaged in a Durable Black Nylon Backpack