Emjoi IonAir

Emjoi IonAir
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Product Description

Small and unobtrusive, you might not even notice IonAir in the room - but you'll be very aware of the invigorating freshness of the air!

Emjoi IonAir acts on the ambient air, generatin ion-rich air that naturally sanitizes and neutralizes odors. Small enough to take along when you travel and place anywhere to keep your surroundings pleasingly fresh - it's little in size, but it makes a world of difference!

Emjoi IonAir Features

Small, compact and portable

Gives the air a fresh, crisp feel

Neutralizes odor

Cleans the air, trapping smoke and other pollutants

Naturally sanitizes, destroying bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew

Ideal for the home or office, basement or attic, garage or kitchen, dormitory or locker

Freshen up guest rooms and hotel rooms

Plug-in or battery operated (4 AAA batteries required)