Emjoi IonAiroma

Emjoi IonAiroma
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Product Description

Feel naturally revitalized with IonAiroma from Emjoi. Now you can enjoy ionization, aromatherapy or both in your bedroom, office, or study.

Filling the air with revitalizing aromatherapy.

The Emjoi IonAiroma is a diffuser and ionizer that draws air in and filters it. It then mixes the air with a positive static charge and etheric aromatherapy oils and disperses it, leaving you a pleasant scent that fills the air.

This package includes:

  • Ionizer/Aromatherapy Diffuser with built-in filter
  • Aromatherapy Beads - made of etheric oil extracts, 3 jars (Peppermint - eucalyptus/lemon scent, Seaweed - subtle floral scent and Iso Par - fresh mountain air scent.)

Product Features:

  • Acts as an ionizer, aromatherapy diffuser, or both.
  • Ionizer etheric oil, amplifying the known effects of aromatherapy.
  • Can be used anywhere - at home or in your office.
  • Easy, nearly maintenance-free operation.
  • Aromatherapy beads in 3 varieties of etheric oil (lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile).


  1. Place your Emjoi IonAiroma in the center of the room (Recommended for rooms up to 150 sq. ft.).
  2. Plug the transformer into any standard electrical outlet.
  3. Next, plug the transformer cord into the socket at the back of the IonAiroma unit.
  4. Remove the slide-out drawer from the back of the unit.
  5. Remove the cover from the drawer and pour the Emjoi Aromatherapy Beads in so that the drawer is one-quarter full. Replace the cover and slide the drawer back into unit. Now your Emjoi IonAiroma is ready to use.
  6. For ionizing function: Slide the switch on the front of the unit to the ON position - the green light indicates you are in ionizing mode.
  7. For Aromatherapy function: Slide the switch on the left side of the unit to either Low or High.
    - For normal aroma effect, use the low fan speed.
    - For enhanced aroma effect, use the high fan speed.
  8. Emjoi IonAiroma can be used for refreshing ionization without the aromatherapy, for diffusing the aromatherapy beads without ionization, or both functions can be activated together for a full revitalizing effect.