E-Puppy Personal USB E-Mail Communicator

E-Puppy Personal USB E-Mail Communicator
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Product Description

** E-Puppy Personal USB E-mail Communicator **

The e-Puppy will read you your email and word documents! It also allows you to hear internet radio and music! The built in microphone allows you to record messages and notes. The e-Puppy also has a LED on its stomach for E-Mail notification. The e-Puppy is easy to operate, with its simple buttons and user interface.

--> General Features: - Easy installation and easy to use - Converts text from E-mail/Word file/Web Site to voice - Clear and realistic voice - No need to use Mouse - Reads your e-mail or Web Site text - Supports word (*.doc) files - Provides sound recording and playing email - Play music or sound-stories CD-ROM drive - Listen to internet-radio - Compatible with Outlook or Outlook Express - LED for new e-mail notification - Alarm clock/schedule reminder - Memo or message recording - Hotkeys to simplify operations - Mute function

--> Product Specifications: - Every body part controls a function - Show/Hide e-Puppy - Silent Period setup - Email reader - Music player - Voice reminder - Animated Moves (on screen) - Play List - Read Word data file - Read Web Pages

--> Notes: - Model: e-Puppy - SKY-EP01



** Requirements **

* Intel Pentium II 500 MHz or above * Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP * Windows Media Player * Outlook or Outlook Express * USB port * 128 MB of RAM recommended * 500 MB hard disk space available * Display resolution: 800 x 600 dpi with 16 colors * 16-bit sound card * CD-ROM