Plan Toys City Series Airport

 Plan Toys City Series Airport
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Product Description

The Airport comes with a two-storey airport terminal, flight control tower, and an elevator that moves between the ground level and the second floor. The car park is onthe ground floor and the second floor features the check-in counter, luggage conveyor belt, and the jet way to the plane. This play set includes an airplane, cargo truck and trailer, a pilot and an airport agent figure.

Playtime Ideas:

  • Playing will help them recognize the various activities that take place at an airport and the roles of the pilot, agent and the passenger. They can move the cargo carrier up the ramp to the conveyor belt where the luggage is loaded onto the plane, see where the agent checks the passengers' tickets, and roll the airplane close to the terminal.
  • Children can create fun and imaginative stories while they play. They can simulate a landing by placing the attendant in the control tower to talk to the pilot, holding the plane up in the air and then circling in for a perfect landing.
  • Parents can extend their children's learning by explaining the functions of the airport, and the roles of its personnel. This set can be expanded with extra accessories like the Turboprop Airplane (6046), the Helicopter (6060) the Service Crew (6041) extra Cars (6024) and Trucks (6022) and any of the PlanToys Family figures.
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