EXITAIR Pocket Smoke Escaping Hood

EXITAIR Pocket Smoke Escaping Hood
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EXITAIR Pocket Smoke Escaping Hood
EXITAIR Pocket Smoke Escaping Hood

Improve your safety at work and at home. The EXITAIR Smoke Hood is a must for you. This is a device that, in case of fire, can and will save your life. The small size and weight of the package allows it to be stored in your desk, briefcase or travel bag or for that matter your notebook computer bag - always within reach. In a fire it's the smoke that usually kills you but with the EXITAIR Smoke Hood, smoke will have no effect. You'll be able to breathe in a smoke filled environment for 20 minutes. Have the chance of survival with the EXITAIR Smoke Hood.

Characteristics and advantages of the "Exitair" from Kaptar:

It provides excellent protection against smoke and possesses an effective adsorption capacity and, therefore, permits the air to pass through. The two filters, one in the front and one in the back, have multiple layers composed of filters and active carbon. The film is light, resists radiation and tension and can support high temperature. The mask will give up to 20 minutes of breathable air in a smoke and toxic gas environment. The standard size opening of the mask is made of Neoprene latex with high heat resistance creating a air-tight seal around the neck. It is convenient for everyone (babies, children and adults). This mask comes in a pocket size format and is very easy to use. it can easily be transported or placed in a convenient area for emergency. Protects the respiratory system efficiently. It insures great visibility which permits the user to quickly get to a safe place. The mask while still sealed in its original packaging has a shelf life up to five years. During this period, no inspection or maintenance is necessary. Additionally:

While the mask is worn, communication is not affected. Can be used in commercial, industrial and institutional markets. All the components of the hood possess all required certifications. Limitations:

Not to be used for firefighting or entering a burning building. One time use only. Will not provide protection from exposure to extreme heat and open flames. Not intended for use in conditions that produce high concentration of extremely corrosive gases. Intended as an evacuation device only.

The EXITAIR? hoods, are emergency respiratory aids that give you the necessary protection to evacuate an area where toxic fumes or smoke could possibly indispose a victim. In their vacuum-sealed package, the EXITAIR hoods are lightweight (3 1/2 oz) and compact (7 1/2 X 4 1/2X 3/4). In a few, fast and easy steps you can slip on your EXITAIR escape hood and commence your evacuation. The EXITAIR hood assures peripheral vision, hands free usage and unimpeded communication. You can actually hear, see and talk while wearing your EXITAIR? hood.

The secret to the hoods' efficiency are in the material used:

1- A POLYIMIDE FILM: This Polyimide film developed for NASA and used to insulate the interior of space shuttles from intense heat and extreme cold. It resists to temperatures up to 425 C (800 F) and sparks preventing holes in the hood and keeping the smoke out.

2- A FILTRATION UNIT: For the basic EXITAIR model, the primary element in the double filtration system is internationally renowned activated carbon which filters most of the fumes and toxic gases present in smoke.3- A NEOPRENE COLLAR: This piece of latex ensures that the air-tight neck is malleable and may be placed over the head quickly and easily.