Froth Au Lait MINI STAINLESS Hot and Cold Milk Frother

 Froth Au Lait MINI STAINLESS Hot and Cold Milk Frother
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Froth Au Lait is proud to introduce the newest member in our family of frothers, the Froth Au Lait MINI STAINLESS. This all-new MINI model adds the exciting feature of HOT or COLD frothing capability and 2 interchangeable whips. Its sleek, compact design and award winning patented Froth Whip Technology, prepares the richest, long lasting froth ever as well as delectable whipped cream. The MINI gives you high performance in a small format milk frother. With its stainless pitcher and stylish design, it's an attractive addition to your kitchen, or office and great for travel too! It's a perfect complement to any coffeemaker, single serve brewer, or espresso machine and wonderful for hot/cold chocolate. Froth Au Lait's patented technology, together with a built-in heater, aerates and heats the milk into a long-lasting "meringue-like froth for the ultimate in specialty beverage making. The MINI Stainless is so versatile with it's Hot and Cold frothing capability and 2 interchangeable whips, the froth whip and latte whip. Prepare delicious hot or cold froth for cappuccinos, lattes, coffee, espresso,and other beverages such as hot/cold chocolate and chai tea. Try cold flavored froth on top of cool summer beverages, fresh fruit and berry plates or chilled desserts. It's unique Flavor Hatch allows you to add syrups and powders to enjoy extraordinary flavored froth for an unforgettable taste sensation. So easy to use and clean , you too can be a barista! Serves 2-4. For questions or more information contact Froth Au Lait at 310-212-5345, Mon-Fri. 9-5 Pacific Time.

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