Game Boy Advance - Barbie: Mystery Diaries

Game Boy Advance - Barbie: Mystery Diaries
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Based on the popular Barbie Diaries DVD movie High School Mystery finds Barbie Tia and Courtney in some puzzling situations that will require some real sleuthing to resolve. Valuable items for the high school charity auction are missing! Help Barbie follow the trail of clues throughout the school in pursuit of the culprit. Using Barbie's high tech tools together you can unravel this mystery. Activate the BDA (Barbie Diary Assistant) packed with lots of cool investigative tools like the Picture Descrambler Infrared Viewer and MP3 Decoder. Explore 19 different locations at the high school including the cafeteria Principal's Office and even the roof. Keep on your toes as you follow the clues through a food fight a gymnastics class and a wild soccer practice.
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