Grabba T-1200 Linear Barcode Scanner for Palm�

Grabba T-1200 Linear Barcode Scanner for Palm�
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Product Description

T-1200 for Palm� Universal Connector Models. A powerful and fast imaging barcode scanner for reading linear barcodes.

The Grabba attaches securely to the Palm�, mating with the connector and turning the combination into a powerful enterprise tool.

Fitted with its own rechargeable long-life battery the Grabba is suitable for heavy workloads without adverse impact upon the battery life of the host PDA. The PDA and the Grabba may be left attached while battery charging of both units takes place.

List of Palm Universal Connector Models:

  • Tungsten� T Handheld
  • Tungsten� T2 Handheld
  • Tungsten� T3 Handheld
  • Tungsten� C Handheld
  • Tungsten� W Handheld
  • Zire� 71 Handheld
  • Palm� m515 Handheld
  • Palm� m505 Handheld
  • Palm� m500 Handheld
  • Palm� i705 Handheld
  • Palm� m130 Handheld
  • Palm� m125 Handheld