ARK binoculars Hands-Free 2.8x Binocular

ARK binoculars Hands-Free 2.8x Binocular
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Product Description

This Hands-Free 2.8x Binocular from ARK is designed to be worn like glasses for hands-free use. Each ocular can be focused individually to ensure precision focusing for either eye. Each ocular features a tapered rubber eye cup to eliminate glare from off-axis light sources. The binoculars are designed for long-distance viewing with a magnification of 2.8x. They are an excellent choice for sporting events, stage performances, bird watching, or any viewing opportunity where increased magnification and hands-free use are a benefit.

Performance Highlights
  • 2.8x magnification
  • Individual focus for maximum clarity
  • Tapered eye cups to block glare from each side
  • Designed like regular glasses for hands-free use