High rise building civilian parachute kit

High rise building civilian parachute kit
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High rise building civilian parachute kit
The Civilian parachute incorporates a harness system specifically designed for people living or working in high-rise buildings. The Evacuchute is a first-of-its-kind personal building parachute. Using breakthrough technology and a patent pending design, Emergency Evacuation Systems created the Evacuchute to provide tenants and rescue workers in high-rise buildings with the individual means to escape safely in the event of a life-threatening emergency-when all other evacuation options have been exhausted.

The Evacuchute has been rigorously tested to safely deploy from heights of 140 feet (approximately 15 floors above ground, which would include any floors dedicated to above ground parking). Evacuees from lower floors can also use the Evacuchute by taking the stairs up to a higher floor, in the event that it is unsafe to go downstairs.

The end result is a rescue parachute system that:

is activated by a static line for a hands-free deployment opens in less than 1.5 seconds opens in the correct direction absorbs the shock of opening descends slowly has special air vents to move you forward and away from the building provides stability in turbulent conditions can be easily steered to a safe landing