HOPE High Office Parachute Escape

HOPE High Office Parachute Escape
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Product Description

This is NOT "off the shelf" BASE jumping equipment like others are offering, which without training, won't fill the need for a simple to operate system. In fact, we don't sell standard sport equipment to anyone without 150 prior parachute jumps. WE are the ONLY company offering a high rise escape system built completly in house by people who actually make these types of jumps on a regular basis. HOPE is entirely new and designed from the ground up specifically for high rise evacuation.

"HOPE is a one-time use parachute system designed for escape from high rise buildings in the event personnel, in imminent danger, can not be evacuated in any other manner."

This includes most buildings, hotels, or towers above 100 feet (approximately 10 stories). The system is portable, lightweight and very small. When an emergency situation develops HOPE can be deployed in a matter of minutes. After donning HOPE, much like a life jacket, with the addition of chest and leg straps, and connecting HOPE's steel static line cable to a desk, other heavy object, or fixed strong point, the system is ready for use and you can now evacuate.

Emergency exits can be made through any open portal, window or rooftop above 100 feet. The static line will automatically begin the deployment sequence of a specifically designed round parachute. The system comes with a printed Owner's Manual that shows you how to activate, store and care for the system. We can also provide technical representatives to explain the use of the HOPE at your company location.