HP Compaq CompFlash Adapter

HP Compaq CompFlash Adapter
Item# 238911-001

Product Description

This is a COMPAQ CF to PC card adapter.

With a PC Card Adapter, it turns any CompactFlash into a PC Card. Simply insert the card into the adapter and it becomes a "plug and play" memory card compatible with any device with a PC Card slot. Perfect for digital camera users, laptop or the handheld crowd. Itís truly a convenient hardware at a very small price.

Compaq PART# 237696-B21

Spare Part# 238911-001

Fast read and write to a CompactFlash from any PC Card slot. Works like a removable hard drive on any computer or notebook with a PC Card slot Full compatibility with all CompactFlash Cards.

Use your CompactFlash with any PCMCIA drive. Converts CompactFlash cards to standard PCMCIA Type II Format.

Fully compatible with CompactFlash High-speed transfer rate 8MB/sec. ATA+IDE mode