Imitation Video Camera with Motion Detector

Imitation Video Camera with Motion Detector
Item# GA_CH01

Product Description

  • Deters robbery and shoplifting without the high cost of a real surveillance camera.
    Features a built in motion detector
    It will remain still until someone passes by, then the 'camera' will move back and forth (about 45 degrees) and a red light will flash
    Designed to fool even the most sophisticated criminals
    With on/off switch
    Can be easily change the angle up to 12 stages (about 170 degrees)
    No wiring needed, 3 AA batteries needed (not icluded).
    Actual size approx. 6.75", about 6 oz in weight.
    For indoor or outdoor use. If used outdoors, place in a safe area sheltered from extreme weather, heat or moisture.