Ion Educational Gaming System

Ion Educational Gaming System
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Product Description

Get your child off the couch and on the TV with this educational gaming system. The Ion Console's built-in motion-sensing camera puts your child's image on TV alongside favorite preschool characters, such as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants. Your kids can jump, stretch and dance to control the action in each learning adventure.
  • The games help teach coordination, balance and physical activity
  • The console comes with 2 Active Learning Discs that include a total of eight different action-packed games
  • Features kid-friendly buttons for easy game navigation
  • Each game provides three levels of play; start at level one and advance your way to level 3
  • Includes console with built-in camera, 2 Active Learning Discs, measuring strip, power adaptor cord, TV connector cord and instructions
  • Condition: Re-Newed