Ionic Ozone Breeze Ball

Ionic Ozone Breeze Ball
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Product Description

Compare Breeze Ball to the competing ionic breeze creating machine with germ protection which sells for $499.00...

The Ionic Ozone Breeze Ball is absolutely the #1 way to clean the air in your home and office. Now available to the public, the Breeze Ball is much more versatile than other ionic breeze creating machines and a much better value!!

Like it's TV competitor Breeze Ball silently releases ions into the air. These ions attach themselves to airborne pollutants making them too heavy to remain airborne. However, unlike the competition, the Breeze Ball also has a button to release virus/bacteria killing ozone into the air! The competition unit uses ultra-violet light to kill viruses and bacteria, but it will ONLY kill viruses and bacteria that enter the ionic purifier!! The Breeze Ball's ozone release will disperse into the room killing up to 500% more bacteria and viruses than the competition UV technology.

The Ionic Ozone Breeze Ball has one more feature not found in the $500 ionic breeze creating machines -- the ability to diffuse aroma into the air! Add your favorite aroma beads to the Breeze Ball if you'd like and have it rapidly disperse the beautiful sent into the air. 190059436936L_200108907533L