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  • Guard your home or office with the amazing auto dialing motion alarm from Jobar.
  • The infrared motion detection system detects human motion up to 20 feet away.
  • This easy to install alarm alerts you of any intrusion by dialing up to 3 programmed telephone numbers.
  • The loud 125 decibel alarm will ward off any would be burglars.
  • Easy to install, this device requires no wiring and plugs into any standard phone jack.
  • Hang it on the wall or set it on top of a table or bookshelf to protect an area up to 32 ft vertically and 43ft horizontally.
  • Set the alarm by entering your programmed 4 digit code. A 30 second exit delay gives you enough time to exit the area.
  • The 10 second entry delay allows you to safely enter the area and disarm the alarm.
  • Perfect protection for your home, office or garage.
  • Features:
    • Loud 125 decibel alarm
    • Infrared system senses any human motion up to 20 feet away
    • Automatically dials up to 3 programmed phone numbers
    • Easy to program 4-digit code
    • 6 second outgoing message
    • 30 second exit delay
    • 10 second entry delay
    • Powered by 4 AAA batteries
    • Measures 6.5 in. X 2.5 in. X 1.5 in.