JVC Everio GZ-MC500US Digital AV Recorder Mirodrive 4GB GZMC500US

JVC Everio GZ-MC500US Digital AV Recorder Mirodrive 4GB GZMC500US
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Product Description

* The new GZ-MC500 series Digital Media Camera is the newest member of the JVC Everio family - the only currently available camcorders that record onto a hard disk. Like the single-CCD Everio camcorders launched last fall, the GZ-MC500 records 60 minutes of DVD-quality video or thousands of photo-quality stills to a Microdrive removable hard disk. With this newest Everio, JVC combines these benefits with 3-CCD/5-megapixel performance.
* The use of three CCDs combined with advanced pixel shift technology allows the GZ-MC500 series to deliver 5 megapixel-class digital stills with a maximum size of 2560x1920 pixels, and a broadened dynamic range when recording still or moving images. The result is naturally sharp, vivid color, good contrast and clean mages or videos with good low light performance. The benefits of recording video to a hard disk are the same benefits that have made hard disk-based audio players so popular - random access to quickly locate desired material, the ability to effortlessly delete unwanted material, and easily rearrange playback sequence. What's more, there's no danger of mistakenly recording over something you want to keep.
* The GZ-MC500 series creates sharp and vivid images by dedicating a 1.33 (1.23 effective) megapixel CCD to each color - red, green and blue. JVC's advanced prism optics and filterless 3-CCD pixel shift technology quadruple the pixel count to record 5 megapixel-class stills. Simply put, the pixel shift technique, used also in JVC professional cameras, captures double the 1,228, 800 pixel information in both the horizontal and vertical directions, creating a real full color image pixel count multiplied by four for stills. (Everio uses 691,200 effective pixels for each RGB video color.) The broader dynamic range delivers videos with bright realistic colors and photo-quality digital stills up to 2560x1920 pixels for beautiful 8"x10" or A4 prints. JVC optics using three-dimension angle mounting technology assures high precision prism/CCD registration with accuracy on the order of one micron.

  • Included Accessories AV cable, USB cable, AC adapter, hand strap
  • Battery Rechargeable - lithium ion
  • PC Interfaces Hi-Speed USB
  • Video Capture Formats MPEG-2
  • Video Playback Formats MPEG-2
  • Supported Still Images Formats JPEG
  • Optical Zoom 10 x
  • Digital Zoom 200 x
  • Sensor 5 Mpix - 3CCD
  • Display Type 1.8" LCD
  • Included Flash Memory Card Microdrive - 4 GB
  • Flash Memory Cards Supported Microdrive, SD Memory Card, CompactFlash Card
  • Key Features Digital camcorder, digital camera, voice recorder
  • Localization United States
  • Device Type Digital AV recorder
  • Product Description JVC Everio GZ-MC500US - digital AV recorder

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90days.
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