Kenwood's P-NAV815 Complete Mobile Entertainment & Navigation Package

Kenwood's P-NAV815 Complete Mobile Entertainment & Navigation Package
Item# FW_2991

Product Description

Kenwood's new P-NAV815 mobile entertainment and navigation package is your complete solution. It plays DVDs, CDs, MP3- and WMA-encoded CD-R/RWs, so you can always have all your entertainment with you. Advanced touchscreen control of all navigation and DVD receiver functions lets you spend more time enjoying the trip and less time fiddling with your gear.

The discrete navigation disc drive eliminates disc swapping: The valuable navigation DVD stays in the navgation unit, so it won't get lost or damaged, and you can listen to CDs while performing important navigation functions like destination entry and auto re-routing. Pop-up on-screen point-of-interest icons make it easy to find the nearest restaurant, gas station, and lots more.

With over 6 million miles of mapped roads you always get the most direct routes. The large 7" video screen has wide-angle visibility, and its ultra-high resolution gives you a superior video image. Highly-flexible high-pass and low-pass electronic crossovers fine-tune speaker performance without costly add-on crossover units, and high-voltage (5.0V) preouts get better performance with external amps. With the P-NAV815 you always know where you're going, and you'll always have a rockin' good time getting there.

Shipping Weight: 20 lbs.